Mental illnesses have increased in the last 10 years with a notable spike among adolescents and young people.

Mental health disorders are increasing fastest in young people aged between 13 and 24. Yet, research is severely underfunded, and treatment is based mostly on research in adults.

BrainWaves is a major response to this crisis in youth and teenage mental health.

  • For scientists, we are building the evidence base and creating resources needed to power new research.
  • In education, we are working to ensure schools can be more effective places for developing wellbeing in young people.


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For Research

Giving researchers in the UK and globally free access to vital data assets, enabling new insights into prevention and treatment.

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School students in a seated group

For Schools

With BrainWaves young people will be equipped to learn more about themselves – using science-based tools to nurture good mental health.

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For Young People

BrainWaves has been created first and foremost to serve the needs of young people so young people are at the heart of what we do.

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