Mental illnesses have increased in the last 10 years with a notable spike among adolescents and young people.

Mental health disorders are increasing fastest in young people aged between 13 and 24. Yet, research is severely underfunded, and some treatments are even based on research in adults.

BrainWaves consists of a combination of research and education that aims to transform the quality of wellbeing support in schools.

  • For scientists, we are building the evidence base and empowering future research.
  • In education, we are equipping schools with the resources to effectively aid the development of young people’s wellbeing.


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For Research

Give researchers access to vital data assets to enable new insights on research through our long-term cohort study.

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School students in a seated group

For Schools

Equip schools with the resources to effectively support students to develop mental wellbeing.

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For Young People

Aid young people to learn more about themselves – using evidence-based tools to nurture mental wellbeing. 

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