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The University of Oxford and The Day launch FREE BrainWaves CPD webinar programme on teenage mental health

With expert guidance and practical tips to help you support your students with their mental health and wellbeing.

BrainWaves is a response to the growing mental health crisis in young people. Fuelled by new research centred around the teenage brain, it is helping schools to be better equipped to support students through this difficult age. Starting on 10th January 2023, the evidence-based research championed by BrainWaves will be brought to teachers in a series of completely free webinars. The series will cover a range of topics and will take place from January 2023 into the spring.

Launched by The University of Oxford and The Day, the webinars will combine the perspectives of research academics, educational consultants and practising teachers. Attendees will learn about evidence-based strategies that have been shown to be effective in dealing with teenage mental health and crucially, how this knowledge can inform school-wide approaches to mental health education. Teachers and school leaders will come away with actionable strategies, making a difference to their everyday teaching and the support they give to their students.

The first webinar in the programme is called “The teenage brain for teachers: Implications for mental health in schools”.  It is led by Dr. John Coleman, a clinical psychologist and teenage brain expert. It will take place on 10th January 2023 from 4:15pm to 5pm over Zoom

Dr John Coleman OBE is a clinical psychologist who founded the Trust for the Study of Adolescence (TSA) and has been a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Education at Oxford. A committed communicator, R. Coleman has also written several books and created videos and television series on adolescent years. 

Now, he is sharing his research-based exploration of the changes that happen in the adolescent brain in this engaging CPD Brainwaves webinar. He will be taking teachers behind the science of the teenage brain: to really understand its unique characteristics and how to apply this in student support. 

Hormones and angst aside, most of us can remember how challenging being a teenager can be. Now with the expertise of Dr John Coleman, we can delve into how their brain actually changes, and how these changes affect their school day and their everyday lives. The seminar will explore how teenagers socialise, the memories they form, their motivations and ‘risk and reward-seeking behaviour’. It is an opportunity for educators to get a real insight into how teenagers think and why they act the way they do. It will enable teachers to support teenagers even more effectively.

With a Q&A session, you can ask any questions to a panel including Dr John Coleman and other teachers to really understand the way your students behave and how you can support them with their mental health. 

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