Mental health disorders are increasing fastest in young people aged between 13 and 24. Research is severely underfunded, and treatment is based mostly on research in adults.

BrainWaves is a major response to this growing youth mental health crisis. We are building the evidence base and resources to power new research and ensure schools become more effective environments for developing wellbeing in young people.

BrainWaves will open a new chapter on adolescent mental health and wellbeing by:

  • Launching a new, rolling research cohort from a diverse group of UK secondary schools to enhance the evidence base in adolescent mental health
  • Providing cutting-edge, evidence-backed educational resources for teachers and students
  • Giving researchers in the UK and globally free access to vital data assets, enabling new insights into prevention and treatment
  • Designing effective therapeutic interventions focused on what’s best for young people

We are led by researchers at the University of Oxford – an acknowledged global leader in large cohort studies and mental health research – in partnership with informatics experts at Swansea University and the online newspaper for young people, The Day.

BrainWaves will be launching formally later this year.

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