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Watch our webinar about Peer Support in schools – and Wellbeing Champions

Hear how teenagers talking to each other about their lives can be a force for good when it comes to mental health

Have you ever noticed how teenage students spent time talking to each other about their personal issues? Amongst those conversations young people will often talk to their peers about  mental health struggles. It’s a very natural thing to do to share with friends.

Professor Helen Cowie

So, how can teachers support these peer-to-peer conversations so they can be more effective? By implementing something known as a “wellbeing champion” scheme in school, secondary school students can be trained to deliver peer support. It helps with early intervention and prevention.

Watch our Wellbeing Champions webinar  with expert Professor Helen Cowie and Peer Wellbeing Champion Coordinator Lynne Tyler. It’s the latest BrainWaves session in a series for teaching professionals by the University of Oxford and The Day.

You can learn

  • The role and responsibilities of a wellbeing champion
  • How to select champions
  • What training students need
  • Pitfalls and concerns
  • How to measure the success of your programme

Join in the webinars live

Join in future webinars live, where you  can ask questions and engage with our experts. Attending a live event means you can be awarded a CPD certificate of attendance.

If that does not work in your busy working schedule, you can see all our BrainWaves webinars for teachers on demand after each live event.

WATCH THE WEBINAR NOW! Wellbeing champions and peer support in schools