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BrainWaves’ New online campaign with University of Oxford

BrainWaves has been the lead feature on the University of Oxford’s Home Page – a short summary of what we have done and our vision for the future.

It’s all you need to know about BrainWaves pulled together in a single Shorthand Story.

All you need to do is scroll through our digital feature. It’s a helpful run through everything about BrainWaves: from its origins to how it is starting to work with young people to better understand and address issues like anxiety, resilience, and wellbeing.  You can read about the strong links BrainWaves is making between robust science, secondary school lesson content and creating successful interventions to help young people.

Our ‘Shorthand Story’ was produced by the University of Oxford as part of their focus on its diverse research at the institution into the human brain and mental health.

It includes links to videos, webpages, and other useful resources. Just click on the link and keep scrolling!